Nintendo Wii Disassembly Step-by-step Tutorial

Taking apart the Nintendo Wii. Make sure that have the following equipment in your toolbox: flat (normal), Phillips (or cross) and Trigram/Tri Wing screwdriver.

Step 1

nintendo wii back side
A: strip off the stickers using knife
B: grab flat-head screwdriver and remove the rubber foot
C: use Phillips screwdriver to loosen and remove battery pack. Note: the battery keeps the memory chip powered and disassemblying will reset it and erase the clock settings. You will reprogram it when you turn on Nintendo Wii again.

Step 2

wii back screws
Remove three Phillips-head screws at the top ( A) and remaning two with tri wing screwdriver ( B).

Step 3

wii side disassembly
The black side has three tiny black screws ( A). You need Phillips driver to take the black cover apart. The front side is now loosen too.

Step 4

cover removed white
Two tri-wing screws at the top (A) and two Phillips at the bottom (B) will show up.

Step 5

nintendo front plastic cover
Bottom side. Remove stickers (A) and two more rubber feet (B) that will come off using flat-head screwdriver. It appears every screw here is tri-wing so grab the driver and unscrew them all.

Step 6

unscrewed nintendo
Reverse side: unplug the wire (A) from the front side of Nintendo Wii if you want and pull off the white cover (B) on the top.

Step 7

wii heatsink
The metal part has no extra screws and easily comes off.

Step 8

nintendo wii opened
The last four Phillips screws will allow you to disassemble the remaning part of Wii.

Step 9

wii taken apart
Turn the CD driver out carefully because there’s a cable plugged to it. If you move it aside or rotate, CD driver will come off smoothly.
The Youtube video tutorial How to open Nintendo Wii is available on other page. Reassebling the Nintendo Wii will require the following parts.
leftover wii screws on table